Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Michelle - The only one

Michelle,  a girl came from Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. She was born on september 9 of 1991. She is an outgoing person, love to socialize, and is friendly. She is enjoying her life but she never satisfied to know more from this world. Knowledge is a never ending journey. She has her own rules and the way she lives her life. She want to be her own host, she doesn't like to be controlled. Always enjoys every moment, no matter if it is bad or good. She learns from every lesson of her life's class and keeps improving herself. She believes a person's power can change everything. She hopes that she will not give up until she achieves her goal.

After her secondary school, she was confused whether she should go forward to study or work. She was struggled on what subject she has to take, so she decided to work first. When she was in secondary school, she was involved with lots of organizing events. Yet, she wanted to gain more experience in the event field. Good news came, her first interview succeeded and she had been hired as a event planner. She got lots of inspiration from her work, she felt happy and found her interest. Finally she found out what she really wants, she wants to be an event planner. But then, she wished to explore more from the expanse world. Due to her education background, she is good in Chinese only. Language barriers will be part of the problem. She wishes to improve herself and gain more experience. So she has chosen Help University to start, to gain more knowledge and have a qualification. So that she can continue her career.

What is her dream? She just wishes to live a life of meaning and happiness. Life is too short, she just wants to enjoy her life in the moment and be thankful for what she has got. For what she thought, to be a person she want to be and do what she always want to do is enough. The meaning of life to her is how she she creates herself.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Corinna's World

Corinna Andrea DeSouza was born on the 10th of April 1993,  in Abu Dhabi ,U.A.E. Growing up in different parts of the world, she has been away from her hometown, Goa, India. She seems to have the knowledge of every other culture but hers. This 18 year old has come a far long road from the streets of the middle east. Holds strong bonds to her faith and a dynamic youth leader, she creates events that are held in various churches. Does a lot of charity and visiting homes.

Never troubled by the world's cruel and harsh behavior, Corinna takes every step and moment of her life as a challenge. Growing up with a background in martial arts, she takes every person with a sense of respect and discipline. Loves living life to the full potential that she can and is usually the normal girl you see until her story is told. Never lived according to others expectations and is usually the one who no one takes a second glance at. A headstrong person when making decisions. Usually the one that is the first express her anger and the first to apologize at her outburst.

"The brave do not live forever, but the cautious don't live at all"

Interests: Music, from writing lyrics to listening to it, calms and eases her out of her worries. Poetry would be a big part of her life and has over time proved to be the best part of her life to let go of emotional stress. Reading is the place that locks her away from reality and takes her to a whole different world. Blogging in her blog, "" Writing and creating stories that let her dreams and fantasies be put on paper and let the world know of the hidden place within her heart. Living with nature, camping, is part of the love for the outdoors.Fitness plays an important role with the way she looks at herself.

Dreams: To be part of giving back and devoting her life to helping others. To go to remote places and see the world in a different perspective. To hear and let others be heard. Traveling all over the world and experiencing everything that there is to life.

Goals: To have my own business and also write my own novel. To have my novel be a best - seller.

"Life is to short to wake up with regrets, so love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones that don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it would be easy, it will just be worth it."


Monday, 30 May 2011

Be O.L.I.V.L.I.A

O.L.I.V.I.A is the way to spell her nickname. She inherited it because She was born in Singapore, and at that time every baby born needed to have a nickname with them.(Well, this is what her parents told her). 


When she was a child, Olivia's ambition was to become a singer, she loves to sing and her grandmother said she really can sing , she got the talent and she enjoys standing on the stage and performing herself, this dream did not lose it's hope although she started growing up. 

Olivia was stepped into the field slowly, however, one day her ambition had changed with no reason. It turned out that interests of her at the past few years, and her ambition had changed to traveling around the world at the moment and forever she guess. Then you may say “what so special ?! Everybody loves travel?! Well, instead of going into a big city and staying in 5 stars hotels, Olivia wants to travel in a more adventurous way, experience nature's environment, in the country sides like Vietnam, Italy, Thailand, India, Africa and some other countries which are similar to those.

“Why? Why you want to explore this kind of country?" you may ask.. Well, simply because she wants to know what is going on out there, out of the country, what is happening at the moment at the other side of the earth when she is sitting down here and watch her favorite television program. Olivia wants to explore the life of the people living with different cultures, the way they live, eat what they eat everyday and she hopes to looks through her eyes and touch it so to feel in a authentic way instead of watching the travel program on the television.

Those are the reasons why doing performing or singing is becoming her interest but not her dream or ambition anymore. She guesses because this ambition is meaningful and significant than the old one. Anyway, instead of performing or singing alone, Olivia prefers to meet a group of friends who have the same interest as she does. She believes she will enjoy and have so much fun when she is singing or performing with them. This is one of her dream too.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Grace's D.Y.N.A.M.I.C life story:D

Me - Hosting on a stage :D

This used be her Major in life:D

"I was quite hesitated to blog about myself mainly because I had no idea where to begin my story. I guess it could be the same to certain people. I could say that it is really grateful and glad that I've met these beautiful and awesome girls in this class to start our Uni life together:D."
- Grace Cho

 Grace, a Korean but has been away from her country for more than 10 years that nobody can actually guess where she is from. :p She is a person who loves to learn different culture and meet people from different countries. She moved to Sri Lanka when was in middle school and completed her high school.. After almost 7 years in Sri lanka, she'd decided to move on to the next story and here she is now in MALAYSIA!! The reason she came to Malaysia all the way from Sri Lanka was to study music in ICOM (International Music of College). Her passion and interests were all into Music for the past 2 years, however, due to difficult circumstances, she had to choose to move on from music to something else. That's already a starting point of her new chapter which Grace had to face. Her interest in Music would never end since she is still performing outside and teaching music as part-time. 

After she's started her Uni (University) life at HELP,  her course/ Major, Mass Communication has opened her eyes to different field in her life. Her interest in music and mass communication could be combined together in certain field that she wouldn't need to waste her music skills in the future. 
Of course, she hasn't found out what she wants to do after completing the course at HELP but it seems that she's enjoying her studies very much and surely she would picture herself soon:D

Definitely Grace's dream would be something to do with music AND mass communication that she is expecting and hoping to work and make her career. Mass communication is such a broad field that she would love to adventure in this field as soon as possible. Being a first year student + first semester student, she's holding many hopes and dreams while studying in Help. At the same time, she is grateful that she's met awesome friends and lecturers that she just can't wait to study further.
Grace is now so positive and enthusiastic about her dream and strongly believe in herself to picture a FUTURE GRACE soon.:D

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Valerie & hopes

Lets live the up to the dreams made real.

A little note about Valerie - her dreams and aspirations. Valerie hails from Malaysia and grew up in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Valerie was a believer, she believed in Jesus and his ways; in good Malaysian food that never leaves one going hungry and she can count on film and people to create an atmosphere that can be intriguing and inspiring. Anything that intrigues Valerie sparks interest and passion. With free time on her hand, Valerie loves to read literature, blogs and people’s experiences with art, architecture, music, and film. Valerie derives her passion for art from people and foremost, her parents. Although her parents do not pursue an artistic career of some sort, art still speaks to Valerie in a form that no one understands except for pure love. Valerie describes that art are references to many historical stories and experiences that are brought possible together in a beautiful and intricate process. And just like art, music and film has also influenced Valerie to pursue a course in learning piano and taking up Media and Communication as a base to her future career. Valerie deems her future to be inevitably a happy one and thinks everyone would hold the same for theirs too. Valerie wants to be surrounded by people of the art industry, be it fashion, film, music or the free forms of educating and learning at the same time from the best in the industry. She aspires to be a creative director one day or an entrepreneur of some sort of work-research based industry that needs crafting techniques and constant learning to patience for success to come. She thinks that Malaysia is an abundant place of craft and should be utilised to its fullest potential by young people of its generation. And with the most of Valerie’s determinism and high hopes, she wishes the best to her friends and mates. She graciously puts it, “Let the daisies grow before you smell them, hold your head high even when your heart is heavy and hopes low”; make all the mistakes you need to, open all the doors to questions and answers in the industry and really deem oneself grounded in success when one sees thyself at the most bliss of the moment. Oscar Wilde puts it “It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection; through art and art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence (Pt. II).”

Monday, 23 May 2011

New beginnings and shared meanings

Orientation day, clock says 9am. Fate took us on a journey where 5 friends come into place.It was awkward and indifferent until we started talking!Bare with us while we rack our brain's to remember that day;

Grace: "One fine day,while we were all new to uni-life and looking fresh(?)- it was 8am!,we had a chance to sit quite close to each other and started to address and tadaa~!Here we are, a group of 5 girls with different colours."

Corinna: "So as we started of this journey,with a brand new chapter to start turning the pages in our book, nervous & excited to enter the place where we were to create new bonds.From a smile to a 'hi' we got into conversations and found ourselves in a new friendship.We knew we would click!"

Michelle: "The first time we met each other was at orientation day.It's was surprising we got closer from day to day.All of us came to understand a new environment and we try to adapt ourselves in every possible way.Now,we always hang out together whether is at lunch or class.I just want to say it's so happy to know you guys!Looking for more enjoyable times ahead."

Olivia: "I felt upset at the beginning when I knew I have to settle down in Uni for the coming 3 years because it is totally not what I imagine my Uni life could be.Well,things have to go on no matter how we feel to it,then,I started my first class and unexpectedly I met the others.From that moment on,they changed my mind,I started to feel like I'm seeing the light in the dark and started to find "myself" back to the situation.Well,guys I feel lucky to have you accompanying me for the rest of the 3 years life.By the way,the 'Olivia' that you know now is no the real me yet! I can be very crazy! : D

Valerie: "Just like the first day of school all over again but with more anticipation this time.Waiting for time to pass slowly...seeing new faces.. new people.. and all these personalities coming together. We had determinism that was not at all planned.And here we are ready to take down the 7 weeks with a huge gulp of water."

Note: if you didn't already know, this blog is about the spirit of omitting our diffrences and sharing our commons even if we were the many different flowers from a diffrent bush altogether.Like clockwork,we shift to make a dial move forward a minute and with time we'll only know the better.